Innovative system of cross laminated timber (CLT)

Made of LIGNO®

Wall, ceiling and roof - Lignotrend is the first manufacturer of cross laminated timber elements (CLT) to have developed a complete product range for all load-bearing and insulating components. Certified and technically approved products ensure the necessary safety of a modern wooden house.

Innen Massiv - aussen Passiv. Der Aufbau der Lignotrend Aussenwand passt sich den spezifischen Schichten einer Gebäudewand an. Die lastabtragende Massivholzwand auf der Innenseite wird mit einer diffusionsoffenen Membran umhüllt und geschützt. Nach Aussen folgt dann die Wärmedämmung aus natürlichen Dämmstoffen.

The outer wall

LIGNO Uni + U*psi

Inside solid - outside Passive. The structure of the Lignotrend outer wall adapts to the specific layers of a building wall. The load-bearing solid wood wall on the inside is covered with a vapor-permeable membrane and protected. Outside then follows the thermal insulation of natural insulation materials.

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The ceiling


The false ceiling in an air-conditioned house is characterized by particularly good sound insulation. For this purpose, the ceiling, after all cables have been laid, filled with a loose bed. Also, in the solid wood element room acoustically effective, natural absorber can be inserted.

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Die Zwischendecke in einem Klimaholzhaus zeichnet sich durch einen besonders guten Schallschutz aus. Dazu wird die Decke, nachdem alle Leitungen verlegt worden sind, mit einer losen Schüttung befüllt. Auch können in das Massivholzelement raumakustisch wirksame, natürliche Absorber eingelegt werden.
Das massive Dachelement ist der ideale Abschluss eines Klimaholzhauses. Durch das horizontale Verlegen der einzelnen Scheiben kann die statische Last über die Giebelwände abgetragen werden. Dies ermöglicht Ihnen eine hohe Freiheit in der Erstellung Ihres Wunschgrundrisses. Die gute Dämmung bietet zudem einen idealen Wärmeschutz bei heissen Sommertagen.

The roof component

LIGNO block

The solid roof element is the ideal completion of a climate wood house. By laying the individual panes horizontally, the static load can be removed via the gable walls. This allows you a high degree of freedom in the creation of your desired floor plan. The good insulation also provides ideal heat protection on hot summer days.

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Solid built, with system

Safe building structure

A Klimaholzhaus consists of dimensionally stable, solid cross-plywood ribbed and box elements. Multifunctional components offer a technically and physically tested solution with visible real wood surfaces for all requirements of the modern wooden house.

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Complete insulation

Energy-efficient construction

A Klimaholzhaus is seamlessly insulated, thermal bridges are minimized. The design principle allows the insulation standard to be freely selected, so it makes sense to orient ourselves today to the standards of tomorrow - e.g. as an efficiency house, after Minergie, or completely future-proof as passive or Minergie-P-house.

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Focus on Life cycles

Far-sighted quality

Looking at the useful life of individual components in a building, one quickly realizes that there are large temporal differences. When planning an air-conditioned timber house, these economic considerations are taken into account. As a result, costs can be saved in future usage phases and your new property will remain stable over many years.

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Convection and diffusion

Building physics solved correctly

The walls and roofs of our solid wood houses are carefully wrapped in a vapor-permeable membrane in order to prevent flow and entrainment of indoor air humidity, which can lead to condensation in the structure. Well protected with this additional measure, the highly insulated building envelope of an air-conditioned timber house remains harmless and stable in terms of value.

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Certified healthy

Environmentally compatible building material

Cross laminated timber products made by Lignotrend are rigorously monitored for freedom from harmful emissions, harmless processing and durability of the function. Since 2006, they have met the particularly high limits for the natureplus quality label. This makes the Lignotrend products officially one of the most environmentally friendly and harmless building materials in Europe.

Natural building materials

Ecological responsibility

The future generations should also have the opportunity to participate in the richness of the earth's ecosystems. Therefore, it is our task to strive for sustainable development and to preserve the living conditions, especially the quality and integrity of the environment.

Material wood

Pure sustainability

Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials ever: It is constantly growing and is obtained with low energy consumption. The used coniferous trees (spruce / fir) for our cross laminated timber elements come from certified, native forestry. Positive: During growth, wood binds CO2 from the air. Every log cabin is thus a contribution to climate protection by slowing down the greenhouse effect.

All-rounder forest

Diverse habitat

The forest, in all its facets, is essential to our planet: it is a diverse habitat for many plant species and animals adapted to the interaction and interactions of the various elements in the forest ecosystem. In addition, he is regarded as a global climate regulator: In Germany alone, an estimated 30 billion trees breathe and cover about one third of the country's surface.