Healthy with solid wood

Optimum room climate

The construction of the Klimaholzhaus is designed in such a way that the solid wood can optimally play its natural climate-regulating abilities: temperature and humidity maintain a comfortable level. The physiologically favorable climate prevents respiratory complaints and allergies.

Design surfaces made of real wood

A natural work of art

In the interior design of the Klimaholzhaus you can show the massive wood on the ceilings and / or walls as a high-quality surface in a unique design: Very often, the conventional beam ceiling is replaced by the simple, smooth wooden surfaces in an air-conditioned timber house. Since the Lignotrend elements are already finished at the factory, almost no further interior work is necessary.

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Room acoustics integrated

Good sounding atmosphere

In order to create a pleasant atmosphere in rooms furnished in modern style, components with integrated ecological sound absorbers can be used in the Klimaholzhaus - so it is not reverberant in the room and not too loud in the presence of many people.

Summer heat protection

Vital even in heat

A Klimaholzhaus offers you a pleasantly cool climate even in hot summer days. The multi-layered wall and roof construction uses the material-specific properties exactly at the right place: The components with a medium bulkiness keep the heat outside and provide a solid indoor climate with the solid wood core.

Favorable heat conduction properties

Warm surfaces

Wood is a particularly pleasant material for interior surfaces. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, the material feels particularly warm and comfortable compared to other materials. In your new climate wood house you can equip not only the floor but also the walls and ceilings with natural wood.

High soundproofing level

Rest quality in the wooden house

In a wooden house, you do not have to compromise on soundproofing! Our walls and ceilings have a very high soundproofing level. Noises from the floors above are a thing of the past, as the cavities of a LIGNO ceiling element can be filled with a weight bed.

Certified fire protection

Fall asleep without worry

In the event of a fire, a Klimaholzhaus provides greater security for its inhabitants than many conventional buildings. The built-in wood in the construction protects for a long time from collapse, as the solid wood burns only slowly from the outside inwards. In addition, wood fires do not develop as toxic fumes as other building materials.

comfort technology - smart home

Take a deep breath

If you wish, the Klimaholzhaus will be equipped with comfort technologies according to your wishes, regardless of whether it is a comfort ventilation system with heat recovery, a central vacuum cleaning system, automatic sun protection systems or digitally controllable electronic bus systems. With much or less technology - in a Klimaholzhaus, you can lean back and just enjoy the time.

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Regional & independent

Find construction partner

Each member of the network is an economically independent company. Rooted regionally, we have well-functioning partnerships with other companies to be able to offer the highest quality of performance. 

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Each Klimaholzhaus is unique and is designed and maintained by freelance architects and planners together with timber construction companies. Be inspired by the many references.

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Happy construction families

Here you can read reports from longtime Klimaholzhaus residents and let our satisfied builders convince you of the positive effect of solid wood on the healthy indoor climate.

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