Choose the building filter that suits your new climate timber house and discover the variety of our references already built. Each climate timber house is designed in context with the place and built by local planners and timber construction companies.

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Each member of the network is an economically independent company. Regionally rooted, we have well-functioning partnerships with other companies to be able to offer the highest quality of execution. Find your partner here.

Real Estate

Some of our network partners sell or rent their climate wood houses.

EFH/ Holzhaus

Ein schönes Familienhaus

Fertigstellungsdatum      .
Ein schönes Familienhaus
Ein schönes Familienhaus
Ein schönes Familienhaus
Staiger Holzbau GmbH & Co. KG

Der Baupartner

Staiger Holzbau GmbH & Co. KG
Hauptstraße 45
72367 Weilen


Frank Herlet - Fotografie
Frank Herlet
50829 Köln

1995 - 2021 Klimaholzhaus
NatureplusSonnenhaus Institut e.V.